Everyone has regrets.  Parents look at their childhood and tell their kids to never be like them or do what they did.  Unfortunately, everyone only has one life, one time to be a kid, a teenager, one adulthood, and there is no way to turn back or redo what has already been done.

Yes, there are little things, like moments in time where you wished you had stopped to ask your neighbor how their sick dad was doing; or deeply regret telling your friend she wasn’t having a great hair day but I’m talking about regretting a life altering decision.  College. I never new where I wanted to go, or if I would like what, or what I could get into, realistically.

I am the type of person to put things off, a procrastinator.  Many nights my mom would find me in my room at twelve doing a history paper due the next morning. And even to this day, now it is probably getting done at two, she could probably find me getting my work finished at the very last moment.

She used to think, a long time ago, that scare tactics would help me at least seem to care, they totally didn’t.

As I have gotten older I have slowly realized how every decision I make affects a larger outcome.  Though I have stopped fighting as much with my mom, and I have learned to think before saying certain things, those are lessons that come with age.

The biggest issue on my mind, at the age of 17, was college.  Everyone is getting into different places and making the decision of where they want to spend the next four years of their life.

Again, I procrastinated and keep putting off visiting different schools, and last year, a week left before the deadline I was forced to go to Syracuse.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it hear, and it’s a great school, but if I had just been more involved in the whole college process, I would have found a university I was more excited about?

There could be two outcomes, one I might end up loving Syracuse and so happy with where I choose to form the rest of my life, or two, regret my decision of choosing that particular school and wish I had gone to Drexel, one of the other colleges I was looking at.

I was only a senior, and I remember feeling like this is yet another fight with my mom or argument with a friend.

I made a choice that looking back on, I am very happy with, but I remember wondering if I would deeply regret this decision. I guess, I am just writing to say I used to be scared that I would regret my choice in Syracuse, but now I know I didn’t.



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