So this week for the memo, I thought I would talk about change, I think a lot is changing in my life, my feelings, my friends, I am growing up, when I think of change I sometimes think of changing my clothes in the morning, or changing the color of my nails, but this kid of change is bigger, more scary. Like moving to a new place, or having a family member pass away, or a world attack on a country. I feel like recently our world just seems to be falling apart. Watching the news and hearing all these sad stories, it just makes me think back to when I feel like it all started, 911.

911 happened when I was in forth grade and I will never forget our open circle in class with my teacher, Mr. Daniels.  We all discussed our feelings and I remember thinking why are we talking about this?  Being ten I did not understand the impact it was about to have.  I have always gotten scared when I had to board a plane, but this terrorist attack just sent me over the edge. Being on a plane, even ten years later, I realized I get nervous and as I looked down, realized my hands were clammy.

Like in trip to Utah this past December, I did not realize that around this time just ten years ago a plane, just like the one I was on, crashed into the World Trade Center.  I had all these thoughts running through my head, what if some hijacked our plane? Or what if the plane lost control and flew into city or worse we drown in the ocean because the plane ran into… Stop, what am I saying? This will never happen, I am over thinking, I woke up that morning at four to catch our 7:50 flight to Salt Lake City, Utah for a reason.  Because, I was not the only one who felt this anxiety, when 911 happened other people were scared too and had the same anxiety towards the event.  Making the airports safer and educating people on how to be more careful, although when they play the video that describes where the exits and safety jackets are I never listen.

The flight attendants were now coming up and down the aisles making sure everybody’s tray tables were put up and our seats were straight.  As I adjusted in my now vertical seat, I started to feel trapped.  I wanted to get up to use the bathroom but the seat belt sign had come on.

I was trusting the pilot with my life.  A pilot I had never seen, let alone met, how was I supposed to have faith in these people, they let thousands of innocent lives go and it happened right in front of everyone.

While we were taking off and ascending into the clouds I shut my windows, busied myself with the Sky Mall magazine and blocked out the rumbling engine, trying to forget that for the next five and a half hours I was confined.  If something happens I have no way of saving my family or myself.  The pilot came on the intercom and said that it was a good day for flying.  That flight should be five hours and twenty-two minutes and to kick back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Reaching our cruising altitude of 10,000 feet, I remember back to when I was little and I felt safe just being with my parents, being with them made everything ok.  The world was huge and I was so small and so secure with them by my sides, I was invincible. However, as I grow older and as history develops around me, I realize the world is not the safe I once new, and I am learning everyday about new issues and how we are trying to deal with them.




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