So, being here in college for now, more than four months I have realized there is a huge issue. This would be the lack of sleep… I feel like no one ever gets enough sleep around here because there is simply just not enough hours in a day. I will come back from class and it will be five in the evening and the next thing I know it is already two in the morning! I think it is because going out on the weekends just gets later and later and before you know it the sun is coming up and you have yet to go to bed! Then when it comes to your eight am on Monday, your screwed! Your body gets used to one thing and then to go and mess with it, it just doesn’t work. I need to start going to bed earlier. On the weekends so I can start forming a constant pattern, rather than tossing and turning at one am trying to go to bed because the night for I hadn’t gone to bed till four! College is crazy with its expectations and living all on your own. Sometimes it can all get overwhelming, and you need to take a step back and process everything.


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