Little Green Monster

When I read this story for the first time I thought of the shallowness of our society. How, may people will look at a person, and within seconds, judge them immediately? I know that I am a guilty of this, however, it is still something that we should be mindful of. I think that Murakami talks about how, us as humans, are very ignorant people. We look solely on the top layer, or the outside, of a person. We don’t take a chance to stop and get to know someone, if they are not “pleasing” to us.

The monster that comes out from the tree and comes into the woman’s house, I think is representative of true love. He is not necessarily the best looking, but he is nice, and caring. When he explains that, “everyone told him not to come up,” I feel that is he is referring to, all the friends, that know that girl is just out of reach. But he didn’t listen to them, and in the end still got hurt. Because love is a shallow thing, just because one person is attracted to someone, doesn’t mean it is reciprocated.

I do find it odd that it made the male fall in love with the women and get judged by her. Cause, in me being a girl, I feel like in general, we are more accepting then most males. However, it was written by a male so that could explain the point of view.


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