For some reason when I do my work here, in Syracuse, I seem to need to listen to music. Its weird because when I used to do homework in high school, I preferred silence. Maybe because art uses creativity, and here I take mostly art classes. Well, anyway, because I have been constantly listening to my music, I have been constantly getting sick of it. Way to quickly, do I listen to a song on repeat, several times, and then have to find a better one. I almost feel like the radio, which I cannot stand, all they do is play the same ten songs over and over again, until the song completely loses any awesomeness it had, when first played. So, my friend showed me pandora. Ok, I know, I knew what it was way before, but I always thought, why would anyone want to deal with commercials and being unable to skip to a better song. But I was so wrong, I love it. It works so well, and I feel like it seems to know what I want to be listening to and when! Its crazy! And I love it. Pandora everyone, its amazing, everyone should use it.


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