My Five Favorites

I think that doing pepsi cans, from when they originated to now would be cool because in its own way, it would show history. We could see back into the trends that used to be, up through now in 2011.

Also, I love to ski, so layering a bunch of skis on top of one another would show my passion for something, through a bunch of images.

Seventeen magazine puts a new girl on the cover of there magazine every month. And it would be interesting to see the average girl they choose to be the spokes women for them.

A mug shot of someone would be a very interesting thing to put together, to also, get to average person who is put in jail. And if there are any stereotypes that become noticeable.

I also thought cellphones (I forgot to put a picture of this down below) would be a good idea, to see how technology has aged over the years. From the big bulky cellphones, to tiny touch screens. Our world has changed so much over the years, from what is fashionable now, to what was just ten years ago.



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