This weekend is valentines day… I never really understood the whole point of valentines day. In my opinion it is very overrated and probably a holiday made up by the card companies. A time when there are not many holidays, so they can have a boost in card sales. Anyway, maybe I have this negativity towards valentines day because, I myself have never had anything cute done to me on this “romantic” holiday. I even remember when I was a kid, and everyone would decorate the bags, to get all their valentines day cards, with chocolates and candies. It would always be a competition, for who had the best card! And to see if anyone had a new valentine, I never did… Even through out the years when I had boyfriends, never would I get anything special. So when I see all the commercials on TV for the “Every kiss begins with K” I just have to change it. Maybe because life is talked about as something is only dream like, no one talks about real life, with all those bills, work, and fights. Reality is something that everyone has to experience first hand, if someone was to sit in front of a TV their whole life, their image of reality would be so skewed. But hey, happy valentines day everyone.


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