So, these past two days, I am sure everyone has heard about the “huge snow storm” that we were supposed to get. So I went to bed excitingly, hoping for, at least, afternoon classes cancelled. Then walking up at 11:00 for my first class, I ripped back my curtain to find… sun?! What? There was not a cloud in the sky and everything looked to be running as usual. Mean while, all of my friends at other schools had had two snow days in a row, and us in Syracuse, New York, got no snow? This is crazy, I think that just because Syracuse is so prepared for snow, that there are just never any snow days, and this is just so unfair. So on Wednesday, walking to class in the freezing cold, I was anything but a happy camper. Where is all this snow, everyone talks about? Clearly global warming is doing too good of a job…


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