Response to Creativity

All of these studies I find really interesting. I completely agree that we are squashing our creative thoughts by forcing them out, for a reward. I think that when people feel pressured to create something, new and beautiful, under certain criteria, it is harder to come up with a great idea.

For me, when I am doing the most aimless things, in the shower, taking a walk, right before going to sleep, I always seem to come up with the most creative ideas. At school, when they reward you with grades for you success, I think it just puts pressure on the student to think of something amazing to outshine everyone else. Because this will get you the best grade, which just makes you stressed. Especially the emphasis most schools have on grades and GPA’s.

Last year as a senior, we got to choose which english we would be able to take second semester. Everyone always wanted to being creative writing because it always seems easier to just think of a good story and go with it, verse an analytical essay, where you need to pull out information and use quotes. However, when I did get into this class, it was way more difficult then I had thought. The ideas just didn’t seem to be coming to me and I ended up hating the class, that I had been so excited to be taking.

I do think it is difficult to come up with ideas on the spot, especially if people are relying on you to produce a product that will be at their standards, its nerve racking. Peoples mind’s flow naturally, without said times to just come up with an idea. In art classes, this is a challenge most students face daily. We are being graded on our level of creativity along with the quality. Basically, putting a grade on how creative we can be in a certain period of time. I find this unfair, because what if someone is having a harder week then another, or not feeling as creative.

Art and design, is hard to put a grade on. Everyone has their own style that sets them apart and that is what makes an idea, or piece, extraordinary, not how much the professor or critic likes it.



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