Plato’s Republic

This picture reminded me of the example shown in class, with the paintbrush and the mirror. So while I was looking at this art work I was thinking back to class, and if I thought there were two paintbrushes or just one and a reflection. In Joseph Kosuth’s One of Three Chairs, I only see one functioning chair. There is only one chair where a person can sit, and use a chair like it is universally known for. The picture of a chair behind it, is merely a photo of that chair. But no one can go up to it and sit down on it, and use it as a chair is known to be used. Lastly, the definition tells us the use of a chair, but does not represent a chair in any shape or form.

From reading the excerpt, Plato seems to think that God is the sole creator of everything, however, saying that there are three other “creators” who are just “impostors.” The maker, who took the idea from God and mass produces the product. The other is the owner of this product, who chooses to do with it how he/she pleases. Then there is the artist, who is known as the copier. Stealing one idea and making it into his own. I feel that Plato thinks God came up with the idea of beds, chairs, cabinets, ect. and put to work the people under him to actually create these original thoughts.


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